Friday, July 24, 2009

MIA for awhile

So sorry for not posting..I write to you from location. We left Florida a month ago and drove to NY / NJ to address some issues with Myah's health and also to see family . It has been a whirlwind thats for sure. My husband had to fly back to Fl for work so I remained her with the 4 kids doing the best I can..

But I write to you with joy. I came here and one of my agenda's was to meet with a highly respected speech therapist. We have been working with her everyday. Now keep in mind that Myah has been in therapy back at home for 11 months and we have had no progress. We have been here for a few weeks and pandora's box has opened.

Pam has been using Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment Kit on Myah. It's a way of teaching children with Apraxia of Speech the easiest way of saying words until they have increased motor-speech coordination. She does not have apraxia but this therapist uses this approach with all her patients. She is teaching the shell of words without including too many of the complex consonants, vowels, or syllables which make a word too difficult to even attempt on a motor basis. This teaching method is a reflection of how young children attempt “first words.” For example, the word “bottle” may begin as “ba,” progress to “baba,” later becomes “bado,” and eventually, “bottle.”

So the reason Myah wasnt talking was because she was being taught whole words. Becasue she wasnt able to say the whole word she opted not to say anything. Now that she is being taught the shell of the words ..well the flood gates have opened.

She now is talking....This morning she said
Bo for NO
Boo for Blue
Uhhh..for UP
EEEE..for eat
tea....for teeth
Oh ...for pillow
yoyo..for yellow
ga..for green
ju..for juice
mo..for more

Mountains have been moved..I fight back the tears for my daughter who has been living in a silent world...and is now able to communicate with us..I love to hear her soft spoken voice..
Her inner strength amazes me everyday...


bondedbyfaith said...

Hi Rina

Glad to hear that Myah is talking! What a joy! I have somehow misplaced your number...wanted to call the other day. Email or call me....I need an update! Still praying for "our gal"!

Loads of Love
Tricia Otto

Rina said...

I am still in Ny.Been here over a month. I wont be back to Florida for a few weeks. I will shoot you an email when I get back..

thanks prayer warrior..


Rina said...

I am still in Ny.Been here over a month. I wont be back to Florida for a few weeks. I will shoot you an email when I get back..

thanks prayer warrior..


dthoff3 said...

Was wondering what was up...glad to hear Myah has made a breakthrough with her speech. Special month coming up for us-hard to believe where we've come in this past year. Travel safely.
Love Trace

Vicki said...

I'm cryin'!! Sniff.

I'm so happy that you finally have your hands on someone who is experienced and knows what to do with your darling little girl. I canNOT imagine how difficult this has all been. Oh my.

Checking in. Glad to get the update. Please try to limit your Mafia affiliations and suspect-type behaviors while you're up there in "Lord knows where"...the NY/NJ area.

:) Vicki

Nanny Carol said...

Y-E-S-S-S-S!!!! I just KNEW it was in there... Believe me, I've been praying for that
"breakthrough" and I am SO, SO, SO happy to hear it is finally happening. Sweet Myah, you go, girl. I'm waiting for the day when Mama is requesting help...HOW CAN I MAKE THIS KID SHUT UP!!!!!(O.K., Rina, I already know..."That will never happen"...not after waiting this long to hear her."
"Mama Bear" is still fighting the good fight!
Hugs to the whole bunch of you.

Vicki said...

Rina - I wrote a comment on Tracy's blog about the possibility of trying to hook up w/ya'll, her, both before the year is up. Mom thinks it's critical to do so. Check out what I wrote. We'll mull it over as time goes by.
My brother lives in Navarre -- right outside of Ft. Walton. I could get there easily and then head toward your neck of the wookds...or 1/2 ways in the middle.
Just a thought but you don't need to ponder that right now.

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