Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflecting on Gotcha Day !

Picture of Myah on waiting list..She was #MA268

Myah on her 1 year Gotcha Day Anniversary....

I saw this picture on a multi-agency special needs list. see, her sweet face caught my attention, but I was only just beginning to realize that God's plan for us wasn't just adoption, but to adopt a child other's might not feel able to.

The rest is the history of this blog and has resulted in one of the biggest blessings of all of our lives! The other children, that I worried I would be burdening with another child's needs, have gained the most through this all. They love and adore their sister and have learned compassion, empathy, patience and tolerance in ways they didn't understand before Myah became part of our family. I am so thankful that God called us to this adventure!
Welcome Home Myah !


Vicki said...

I'm so honored to be the very first to comment.
Well done, my friend.
Well done.
You are the picture of motherhood at its hardest, best, busiest, loveliest....honest and real.
Your daughter is a treasure, and I am looking forward to Miss Emily/Mei Xia Ying reuniting on this side of the world with her precious China Sister and forever friend.
I remember the day very well one year ago as I followed your blog. My hands shook as I logged on the computer to READ what was transpiring with your family on the far side of the a country/place where I would soon arrive. I wished I could've been there, but I'm certain the time is drawing near for our meeting and for the miraculous encounter of our girls hugging each other's necks.
I love you. I'm inspired by you. You make me cry, but if I'll switch to your brand of mascara, I'm sure I'll look none the worse when I'm finished.
Sail on. The waters are still to be charted.
Vicki and Emily

Deb Keating said...

I remember reading our CHI yahoo group mail when the waiting list came out and if I remember correctly Ann was telling you to prepare your LOI even though another agency had your daughter on "hold" and how happy we were when she was placed with you.
Our daughter Xiaohua (Shaou-wah) was waiting child #274 on that online list.
All children are placed with who they were meant to be with by God.
Happy 1 Year Anniversary,

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