Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blessing all around us...

Well I dont know where to begin..Myah's doctors nominated her for the Make a Wish Foundation. She was selected for our region. We thought long and hard and wanted to pay the wish forward to another family that might need it more than our family....but we were not able to do that.

even though we live here in Florida and we have Disney at our finger tips we decided to wish for our trip to be there. I mean this was Myah's wish NOT ours....So when we put our wish in we requested told them that Myah's wish was to meet her China sister Emily at the castle at disney.

At first we were denied due to the fact that they didnt know how the girl would psychologically handle the reunion. they havent seen each other in a year. But I pressed and they finally agreed to have Emily be part of Myah's wish.

We leave on Dec 5th- 13th..We will be staying at Give the Kids The World Village http://www.gktw.org/ . Our entire family will be staying there , all expenses paid. They are even sending a rental car to get us there with a gift card for expenses .

This is a wonderful blessing but I wish it was under different circumstances...

I cant wait to see Myah and Emily hug each other and experience this gift together...sisters forever !

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