Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back from Hiatus!

Ok, so I took some time away from blogging and from family..yes, I said family. with all that we have been through I found myself not in a good place emotionally. Hank agreed it was time to step away for a little and work on mommy. So I did. I went on a 4 day cruise with some friends. I definately needed to recharge and find my self identity. I believe at times we lose ourself. We have so many roles, mommy, wife, advocate...but we lose who we are...I was able to recapture my laughter and child inside. I felt horrible leaving. I felt defeated in doing so but in retrospect I am kicking myself for not have doing it sooner. If fact I am scheduling next years mommy getaway. Thanks to my husband for holding down the fort while mommy read a book in a hammock on white sandy beaches and nobody called out "mommy "...

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