Saturday, July 9, 2011

Only place we could think of going

As soon as Myah was released we stepped outside and we knew we had to go to church. We just had to...St. Patricks Cathedral

The kids held hands..Myah still a bit woozy but the boys held her up and they walked down the isle together..

i have no idea what Devon was saying in his prayers but he continuously kept wetting his finger in holy water..he was completely drenched by the time he was done..

Myah still having her hospital band on lit a candle for herself...

and the boys followed...Please Lord hear our prayer...


Brenda said...

I have gone to St. Pat's when I'm in Manhattan. Beautiful, peaceful place where you can pray and know that God is watching over all of us. May you and your whole family have peace and good health as you help dear little Myah.

Brenda said...

I love Manhattan and always stop in St. Patricks and light candles for loved ones and special people. May you feel the love that emanates from that holy place.

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