Saturday, July 9, 2011


Myah had 2 surgeries and then was sent down to have testing done while she was semi still sedated..The surgeries lasted about 6 hours. We all sat there and to my surprise the boys didnt move not once...they read magazines back to back like 4 times. Today was a proud mommy moment.

testing and more testing

She woke up in pain and was given some pain meds but I told her that if she wasnt well that she couldnt go home that they would admit her. Well she snapped out of it right away...Within an hour she was asking to get dressed and pointing to the door. She wanted out...

We met with a room full of surgeons to hear their findings and to tell you the truth...I heard the first sentence and the rest seemed to come across muffled. I looked at Hank and he was crying. How does one prepared to hear news that one is not ready to process. And right away you start hating the doctor...but what kills me is the doctors in Cincinnati and NY have 2 COMPLETELY different takes on treatment and surgeries to come. And what kills me even more is the doectors in NY were trained by the doctors in Cincinnati.

What we all agree on is that there are a slew of surgeries that need to be done. And one of them needs to be done relatively soon. So another trip to NYC...But timing, school starting, Hank not being able to take any more time off all come into play. I simply cant afford to take all the kids with me because we would have to fly. ...and here we go again..back to the drawing board...

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